Therapy Office


Experience & Qualifications

I qualified as Social Worker in 2001 and worked in Child Protection in Dublin.  I specialised in Child Sexual Abuse Assessment and Therapy and Consultation in Temple Street Hospital Dublin for 12 years.  Whilst working as a Senior Social Worker I qualified as a Play Therapist in the Children’s Therapy Centre in 2013 with a Diploma in Play Therapy.  Following this I completed my Masters in Humanistic & Integrative Child & Adolescent Psychotherapy in 2018.  With years of experience working with children I have met with children and adolescents with wide-ranging issues, including anxiety, aggression, low self-esteem, grief, separation, care history, adoption, international adoption, family separation, ASD, and learning disability. I specialise in Trauma, Child Sexual Abuse.  I have experience of also working in an assessment and therapeutic program for children and teenagers who display sexually harmful behavior.  I have training in Filial Therapy, a program to support parents to build better relationships and become more confident in emotionally supporting their children.

I provide Child Sexual Abuse Consultation, Social Work Supervision and Training to Social Work Departments in TUSLA.

What happens when I attend for an initial meeting?

Having made an appointment, I will meet with you as parents/carers prior to meeting with children.  I ask that before you come in, to take time to think about the issues you feel your child/Adolescent has including specific examples and any observations from yourself, other family members, school, or friends.  I take a complete family history to get to know your child.  It is not uncommon to meet with parents for several sessions prior to meeting with your child to support parents and address any parenting concerns.   Parent Consultations provide parents with information, support and advice about child development and parenting issues. Skills and strategies are taught in relation to common parenting difficulties such as bedtime routines, temper tantrums, rules, and discipline.

Therapy sessions

All therapy sessions are designed around every child’s level of need. I would normally recommend a block of sessions where the child would receive direct one on one sessions for a minimum of 50 minutes once a week. It is difficult to say at the outset how many hour sessions an individual child might need, we generally would recommend a minimum of 12-14 in order to see tangible improvement.

Follow up meeting

We will organise a follow up meeting (review) after an agreed number of therapy sessions to assess progress and discuss progress within the therapy.  Further therapy sessions will be discussed, if required, and agreed as appropriate.